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Water Features - Attraction

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

Known as one of the largest public show producers in the world, Water Entertainment Technologies (WET) stands as a pioneer in Water Feature Design. WET Design, is a design-build company that houses an inmmense variety of multidisciplinary artists with backgrounds ranging from optics engineering to choreography and programming.

One of the key elements that make this company stand out is the effort the founder Mark Fuller placed on making their product be more about the experience than the techonlogy. Similarly to technology companies like Apple or Pixar, WET Design's products are more about magic and emotion than about the pipes and water pumps that make everything work.

When you see one of their features, you forget they are a fountain.

The company has deep initiation ritual for newcomer designers. Each part of the production process, is exposed to the newcomer before starting designing, which includes working with the research lab, developing concepts with creative departement, then coordinating the construction with the engineering and manufacturing office and the architectural design to come back to the marketing office and model making to see how everything comes together to the initial pitch from business development.

As a designer you have incredible freedom to innovate in artistic and architectural expresions. At WET water is seemed as an architectural material with peronality. So many things can be done with matter it is no surpised the level of innovation and originality this company can produce.

(Here are some old annotations from my design choreography sketchbook while at WET)

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