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Location Based Entertainment

  • NBC Studio Tour, Manhattan, NY

  • Evergrande Auto Show Room, Nansha, China

  • Molson Coors Welcome Center, Denver, CO

  • Ozark Mills, Springfield, MO

  • Real Madrid CF, Welcome Center, Madrid, Spain

  • Slugger Louisville, Museum, Louisville, KY

  • View Boston, Welcome Center, Boston, MA

  • World of Volvo, Museum, Gothenburg, Sweden

  • Pryncess Tyger​ Live Show, Los Angeles, CA

Theme Parks

  • Hello Kitty Theme Park, Hong Kong, China

  • Kings Island Theme Park, Cincinnati, OH

  • Kings Island Water Park, Cincinnati, OH

  • Morey’s Pier Theme Park, Wildwood, NJ​

Children's Museums

  • Experience Children’s Museum, Erie, PA

  • Normal Children’s Discovery Museum, Normal, IL

  • Children Museum of Eau Claire, Eau Claire, WI

Family Entertainment Centers

  • Harry Potter, Magic at Play, Travelling Experience

  • Hasbro FEC Monterrey, Mexico

  • Nickelodeon Playtime, Shenzhen, China

Water Entertainment Features

  • Fanfare at San Pedro Gateway, Los Angeles, CA

  • Global Trade Center, Beijing, China

  • Las Vegas City Center, Ice Feature, Las Vegas, NV

  • Mirage Volcano, Fire Feature, Las Vegas, NV

  • The Dubai Fountain, Dubai, UAE

  • Waters of Americana at Brand, Glendale, CA

  • Yeosu Expo, Water Feature, South Korea

Cruise Ships

  • MSC America, Cruise Ship

  • Princess Cruise Lines, Cruise Ship


  • "Lady and the Tramp" Disney - Savannah, GA. 2019

  • "Love to the Rescue" Hallmark Movies - Savannah, GA. 2019

Games & Apps

  • Undie Rush - Rawr for a Reason!

  • Paradise Slots - Rocket Games

  • Inferno Slots - Rocket Games

  • Soccherholics - Carlos Ginatta

  • Hovernauts - Hoss Games

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Carlos Ginatta studied Themed Entertainment Design and Architecture at the Savannah College of Art & Design - a recipient of distinguished awards such as the Disney Imaginations, Ryerson - Universal Studios, Cornell - Themed Park Engineering Group and NCARB Integration and Performance.

From 2008 to 2023, Ginatta has worked on themed entertainment, architectural, environmental, film and video game projects in the US, Asia, Europe, Middle East and Latin America.

His architectural collaborations include the design firm WET, serving as a project designer for fountains such as the Dubai Fountains, South Korea's Songdo, Las Vegas' City Center, Beijing's PetroChina, The Mirage's Volcano, Americana at Brand, and Fuente Monumental del Estero Salado.

In sustainability, Ginatta collaborated with NGO's such as Embracing the World in India, the Charles Darwin Foundation in Galapagos, developing environmental projects. In his private architectural practice, Ginatta designed multiple residences and residential communities and resorts across Ecuador.

In the video game industry, Ginatta is responsible for co-creating the first-ever in-browser real-time multiplayer shooter Hovernauts. His credits as a mobile game developer include Soccerholics, Undie Rush, Ominous and Viva Slots Vegas in collaboration with Rocket Games. 

From 2018 to 2020, Ginatta worked as a concept artist for films and architectural development companies. He served in projects such as; Disney's Lady and the Tramp and Hallmark's Love to the Rescue. 

Since 2021 he has worked with Jack Rouse and Associates (JRA) -a lead themed entertainment design firm- creating museums, theme parks and attractions around the globe.

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Concept Artist and Designer, JRA - RWS - Cincinnati, OH. 2020

Conceptual, Design and Production Development of Theme Parks, Museums and Location Based Entertainment in US, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East.​

Concept Artist, "Lady and the Tramp" (film) Disney - Savannah, GA. 2019

Visual Development for Pre and Production of the film

Production Artist, "Love to the Rescue" (film) Hallmark Movies - Savannah, GA. 2019

Creation of sets, props, and backgrounds for the film.

Architectural Illustrator, Depiction - Pittsburg, PA. 2019

Development of architectural conceptual designs. 

Designer, Rawr! for a Reason - Los Angeles, CA. 2018 - 2020

Creative Designer for Mobile Games

Art Director, Rocket Games - San Francisco, CA. 2016

Art Direction for the development of Mobile Games.

Principal Architect, Ginatta Studio – Guayaquil, Ecuador. 2010 - 2015

Design firm specialized in designing architectural environments.

Founder & Creative Director, Hoss Games – Los Angeles, CA. 2009 - 2010

In charge of the visual development of online multiplayer games.

Project Designer, WET Design – Los Angeles, CA. 2008 - 2009

Water feature design firm best known for the Bellagio Fountains in Las Vegas. Responsibilities included working on a several profile, confidential projects located in the US, Asia, Europe and the Middle East.​

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  • Savannah College of Art & Design. MFA Themed Entertainment Design. USA 2019

  • Savannah College of Art & Design. Master of Architecture. USA 2008

  • Savanah College of Art & Design.Bachelor of Fine Arts, USA 2007

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  • CORNELL THEMED PARK COMPETITION - Themed Park Engineering Group. USA 2019

  • IMAGINATIONS COMPETITION - Walt Disney Imagineering. USA 2018

  • RYERSON COMPETITION - Universal Studios. USA 2018

  • PROXY-ART CHALLENGE - Gallium (Will Wright) and Unity 3D. USA 2018

  • ROCK OF AGES - American Express. Ecuador 2013

  • FUTURE - Intel Corporation. Latin America 2009


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  • “Architecture without architecture: Biomimicry Design” Book Publication: ISBN-13: 978-3639261738

  • “Esta ciudad me alienta a ser creativo” Expreso Newspaper. Guayaquil, Ecuador 2012

  • “La Energía del Feng-Shui” Viva Samborondón Magazine. Guayaquil, Ecuador 2011

  • “Carlos Ginatta, multifacético al máximo” Valle Magazine Quito, Ecuador 2010

  • “Arquitecto de sus propios sueños” Vistazo Magazine. Guayaquil, Ecuador 2010

  • "Guayaquileño puso a bailar aguas en Dubai". El Universo Newspaper Guayaquil, Ecuador 2010

  • “Video Games, Integral Health” with (Bosco Alcívar) CN3 TV Guayaquil, Ecuador 2009

  • • “The Virtual World” with (Antonio Beltran) CN3 TV Guayaquil, Ecuador 2009

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  • Garden as Art, International Careers Program. UEES, Guayaquil

  • Color Psychology 2, Architecture and Interior Design Faculty. UEES, Guayaquil

  • Spring 2012 & Winter 2011

  • Feng Shui & Vastu Shastra, International Careers Program. UEES, Guayaquil Winter 2011

  • Virtual Worlds, Systems Engineering Faculty. UEES, Guayaquil

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