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Universal Studios - Theme Park

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

As an internal tool to develop new innovative ideas to bring to their themed parks, Universal Studios in Orlando in hand with Ryerson University host a yearly intensive closed-door competition for themed entertainment designers. Composed of many multidisciplinary teams from all over the US, designers battle to creatively come up with solutions for the latest industry challenges. The format of the competition is undisclosed until the last minute to prevent preparation and results are highly guarded thereafter.

"Although I cannot share the details of the competition, I can say I was extremly impressed and intimidated by the talent from all the competing teams. Furthermore, it was great to witness the incredibly incisive analisys from the judges and studio directors. Regardless of the outcome of the competition, I was pleased to see the passion and camaraderie of the upcoming generation of themed entertainment designers. Nowhere else I have seen a warmer, more thoughtfull and multitalented group". Carlos Ginatta said.

The four day competition hosts 120 students from across the country representing engineering, creative, architecture and business majors and it judges based on presentation, technical analysis, business application and more.

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