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Surfside Kids - Branding

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

Congratulations to Surfside Kids Pediatric Dentistry on their new branded bus.

In collaboration with Marketing Director Elizabeth Andrewes, Surf Side Pediatric Dentistry has placed their brand on the road.

SurfSide is a patient-centered dentistry specialized in the oral health of infants, children, and those with special needs. Their holistic approach to healthcare does not stop at the dentist office. They are also committed to helping the environment younger generations will inherit.

The project had originally decided to place Smiles - the dentist office mascot -surfing at the side of the vehicle, simulating a van riding a wave.

As the design development progressed, it became evident that Smiles needed to be accompanied by his friends, therefore a few additional characters joined him.

Delphi the dolphin joined the right side of the bus jumping along David Blowfish. Bubbles, the pink octopus, and Marylin, the starfish leading the wave at the front of the vehicle, while the rest of the gang follow from the back.

Once the graphic layout of each side of the vehicle was finalized, we then created a 3D model of the Volkswagen Bus replica using a method called UV mapping. This method allowed us to visualize how the 2D images aligned with the vehicle before being printed to make it wouldn't interfere with any windows, door handles lights.

Once the layouts were completed, we confirmed the graphics measurements accommodated the scale of the bus. This was helpful for the printing crew to make sure the vinyl would fit with the design intent. Luckily a few minor issues related to vehicle manufacturing variation of the model were caught in time and corrected before the final print.

Thanks to the creative direction from Surfside and the collaboration from the different departments, the project was a success allowing Surfside to bring their nature inspired branding to the road.

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