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Projection Mapping - Attraction

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

This attraction contains a 3D scaled model of an iconic American city washed by ambience light-projected environment and atmospheric sound to capture the essence of the different historical moments of the city.

As seen on the following concept art developed by JRA and partners, users are invited to interact with a touch screen, which activates the room in festive, somber and inspiring light enveloped environments.

As part of the design process to test this attraction, I created an internal VR Application using Unity an Pico to walk around the space while activating different areas of the city. For this process to be accurate, it was required to bring all the architectural dimensions and build the replica of the city in 3D, all the while coordinating with the lighting, projection, production and construction teams to make sure each one was able to meet their requirements. One of the hardest parts of this project was to match the projected pixel density of the real projectors inside the virtual space to the pixel density of the projectors in real life. There are many types of projectors and in some cases a combination of different pixel ratios may be used in addition that real life light projected bleeds together while in VR light bleeds seem to be harder to control.

Here is what the 3D model looks like with a quick preview of some of the environmental lighting applied to the physical models in Virtual Reality.

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