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Caguaya - Theme Park

Updated: Nov 29, 2020

Caguaya is design resulted from an effort to tackle a way to revitalize forgotten places while acknowledging environmental issues and cultural sensitivities.

"Discover the abandoned underwater city of Port Royal, Jamaica, revitalized with living coral at Caguaya; The Underwater Exploration Center. Built around the sunken ruins of the 17th century city, the exploration center takes guests below the waves to discover vibrant history and coral face to face. Port Royal was once a bustling international port city with an economy to rival any in the Western Hemisphere. After a tragic earthquake sunk two thirds of the city, the remaining city has never regained the vivacity that it once had. While Jamaica’s story continued, the sunken city was largely forgotten."

Our exploration center consists of three islands connected by a network of underwater tunnels.

The complex incorporates the entire thirty-three acre sunken city, currently submerged in 10’-30’ of


At Caguaya, guests can explore the city through state-of-the-art tunnels never before used in

open water, get a closer look with Augmented Reality-enhanced helmet dives, and help plant

scientifically engineered super-coral. To finish their visit, guests experience a live performance from a

fully submersible theatre that transcends land and sea.

Caguaya stays true to Port Royal’s history as an international city by offering varied experiences

that are fully accessible to all. Caguaya is an exciting destination for the whole family that a diverse

international audience, as well as local Jamaicans, can enjoy.

Team:  Maria Mondloch, Michael Howell, Maya Vyas and Carlos Ginatta This project is the sole property of Walt Disney Imagineering and all rights to use these ideas are exclusive to Walt Disney Imagineering.


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