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Love to the Rescue - Film

As the reader may know, film productions are an intensilty collaborative process. The job of a production artist is no different, it is tasked to create the scenery, backgrounds and props that will allow the audience to immerse themselves into the subtle and not so subtle nuances of a story.

In the case of this hallmark summer classic Love to the Rescue, "Kate" the main protagonist plays the role of an artist who is also a studio director of an animation studio. The production team, had the task of creating all the little elements of the story, from a full animation studio set to the pin the character would diplay on their clothes.

"One of my favorite parts of production is hidding tiny easter eggs in the artwork for the director to find. On the job there are no breaks, the time crunch forces you to have to fun while going 20+ hour days. I kind of miss the intensity film production, it is like running a marathon every day for weeks, develops stamina and will. You kind of get an instint for getting things done no matter what." Carlos says.

The entire production of the movie took around four weeks. Below is a collection of the photos of behind the scenes looking at some of the production artwork of "Love to the Rescue".

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