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Concordia - Visual Story

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

Concordia is a tale of self-discovery through the art of music. Characters live on a planet inundated by darkness employing a perpetual eclipse. All the living flora and fauna from this world uses sound as their main source of energy in contrast to light. In the time the novel takes place, Concordian species evolved to create a unique society where all philosophies, means of production and cultural phenomena revolved around the harnessing of sound and music.

The story on parallel lines deals with darkness in three deeper layers; the psychological, the environmental and the astrophisiological realms. Darkness plays a role as a main character revealing story elements that tackle subjects of depression, dreams and the search of happiness.

Scenes from the Story

This project is currently on development looking for funding and a secure a publishing platform. If you are interested about the project and would like more information, please contact Thanks!

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