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Children's Museum - Themed Architecture

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

Commonly known as Edutainment, Entertainment Education is a strategy that aims to educate audiences through the art of entertainment. Museums focused on child education are increasingly exploring new methodologies for engaging toddlers, kids and teenagers into all the subjects museums can possibly explore.

These methodologies vary depending of the development age of each child. One good example about educating about environmental science to kids from 3- 7 year old's is immersing them into a natural habitat. As seen on the image below, kids are encourage to explore a stylized natural environment that displays the various types of sentient beings living in the fauna of the region. With scattered interactive elements kids can see, hear and engage with randomized programmed features displaying the living networks of each ecosystem learning about them by programmed happenstance.

Water features, ball towers, climbing walls, scavenger hunts are just a few methods for letting curiosity run wild. A children's museum intent is more than just learning about a subject, they are there to spark interest about a topic so that when kids go home, they can tap into that interest and bring it to their own daily life wherever they go.

Below is an example of some of the thoughts behind some of the designed areas for a children museum and delineated in red are the expected human interactions with such designs.

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