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Biomicry Designs - Architecture

Updated: Aug 8, 2020

Ginatta Studio is an architectural design firm known for integrating Biomimicry, Vastu Shastra/Feng Shui, Archeometry principles on dynamic geographical, economical and cultural sites. It's founder Carlos Ginatta (Master of Architecture and MFA) developed it's unique approach after working extensively with experts in the field of Bio-Energetic Healthcare, Self-Sustainable Development and Temple Design from Estonia and Russia, India, United States and Ecuador.

Ginatta explains in his book "Architecture without Architecture" that the foundational knowledge of the various design principles found in the East and West are keys to finding incisive local solutions to global problems. He calls Biomimcry (Nature Deign) as an unifying balancing force that can help us guide design policies to return the Earth to a more sustainable planet. Lastly he shows his design approach can be applied to various real estate development industries including commercial, residencial, urban and hospitality.

"At the start of a project, being aligned with ecological elements of the site assures a vision of harmony in the development of any particular design, this alignment starts from the mind being able listening and not let it impose a design", Carlos Ginatta.

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