Growing up on a sailboat crusading the pristine blue waters of the Pacific Ocean -where the equator belts the world- Carlos Ginatta, an Ecuadorian-Italian, forged an innate talent and discipline to execute and accomplish whatever his mind was set upon. Being born in a country of vast natural beauty but economic scarcity, he was forced to develop a unique way to tackle problems, providing creative solutions using the minimum resources at hand.


A natural creative and empathetic leader, he has acquired great expertise in managing projects and developing the design pipeline to bring them to reality. Showcasing a vast portfolio in the fields of architecture, film, themed entertainment design, video games and more – he is always looking for ways to expand his knowledge and learn from others.


As a world traveller, he has had the opportunity to immerse himself in diverse cultures and learn first-hand from the people -acquiring the sensibility and empathy to understand their realities and necessities- guiding his efforts and talent into creating innovative solutions to provide positive experiences and happiness. These factors make him a leader that listens and works to bring people together for a common goal, always leading them in the best direction.


Carlos has had the opportunity to work in personal projects around the globe. Projects that have helped him develop unique abilities in marketing, entrepreneurship, branding, concept development and post-production to execute collaborative projects. It is his goal as a creative leader to identify ideas that can potentially become very valuable to a company and guide all the necessary human resources and tools into bringing those ideas into reality.

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Telephone: +1 (912) 257-5429

Email: carlosginatta@gmail.com