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Dalí's Eye - Attraction

Updated: Jun 27, 2020

Some attractions tell a story, others become the story, similarly in art, some artists create art while other's become the artwork themsleves. It is because of the vouyeristic qualities to Salvador Dalí's art performances that the representation of Dalí's work would have fell incomplete without representating the artist himself. Arguably, nowadays how he saw the world has become as important as his art collection.

It is because of the performative social aspect to Salvador Dalí's work that "Dalí's Eye Attraction was conceptualized. An animatronic eye in the middle of the gallery with an integrated "eye" projection-mapped and a mechanical "mustache" would react to the (digitally) moving-artwork and react in Dalí's mannerim to the crowds of people coming in and out offering guests a fringe sensation of being part of the artistic performance.

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